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ASME Singapore Section, established in 1991, is the local section of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). The Section promotes the technical and professional development of ASME members residing in Singapore and also assists in furthering the purposes of ASME.

The ASME Singapore Chapter was officially registered as a society in Singapore in 1991, although it was granted Chapter status by ASME since 1990 after it obtained more than the required number of 75 member signatures for its petition. Beginning modestly as a means for members to gather in technical meetings, the chapter has gone on to conduct short course in areas of ASME’s strengths, such as pressure vessels and piping, produced a regular newsletter and a revenue generating yearbook cum member’s directory. It has started joint organization of conferences with some ASME technical divisions and is exploring new avenues of cooperation with other international and local societies. The name was changed to Singapore Section in February 1997 to be in line with the Sections in North America.

From an initial membership of less than 100 members, the Section now has close to 400 senior members and about 200 student members in its rolls. In 1993, the Section received the Outstanding International Chapter Award, for its strong membership growth and range of activities. Since then it has consistently been ranked amongst the most active international sections. In 1995, the Section again successfully petitioned for the formation of the first Student Section outside North America at the Nanyang Technological University. This was followed by the National University of Singapore Student Section in 1997. Recognizing the need for a proper transition from student membership to the senior ranks, as well as to ensure a steady pool of future leaders for the Section, a Young Engineers Committee was formed in December 1998.

In September 1997, the Section hosted the inaugural meeting for Region XIII, where leaders from the international sections gathered to recognize their status as a new ASME region and formed the first operating board. Concurrently it held the first joint conference with the Petroleum Division and International Gas Turbine Institute, ASME ASIA ’97. In January 2000, it again played host to the 3rd Asia-Pacific sub-Region operating board meeting.

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